Noah, The Biblical Story, and Stuff Christians Fight About


panic, preacher. panic!

I don’t usually blog about controversial topics, but I’ve seen so much about this and I have some thoughts, so I figured I would get them out. I think many (not all) of the issues some of my fellow Christians have about the new Noah film are much more telling about a problematic understanding of scripture within the modern day Church than about some evil, maniacal filmmaker twirling his mustache and trying to dismantle Christianity as we know it. Russell Crowe as Noah

It’s not as if the book of Genesis is the sole intellectual property of Christians and it’s also not as if the movie (or any of the press surrounding it) ever states that it is intended to be an accurate representation of the biblical story. It’s exactly what it’s marketed as, a big budget action film loosely based on the story of Noah. I mean, would so many Christians freak out…

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How to Play The Key of C on the Keyboard


I find C Major Scale the easiest scale to remember out of
the lot! This is because the C major scale doesn’t have
any sharps or flats in the key signature. What does this
mean?, This means you only stick to playing the white
keys and don’t touch the black ones.

Above you will see myself playing C Major Scale using
only my right hand and using one octave (7 notes).
Thumb – C
2nd Finger – D
3rd Finger – E
Thumb – F
2nd Finger – G
3rd Finger – A
4th Finger – B
5th Finger – C
As you can see above, I had to use my thumb twice to
make enough room for my fingers to get to the 7th note.
The easiest way is to slide your thumb under your third
finger to touch the note F.